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When we find the deeper things in life,
we deepen our living of it.

Life is for living. We all want to live vibrant, passionate lives. Deeply connected with our friends, our families and in our relationships. What stops you from living your life free from fear?

We all have ways that we limit ourselves. Our passion for life becomes compromised and we end up in a rut, full of coping strategies and bad habits. Ultimately, those habits can become self defeating but, think
about it. What is a habit? Who makes them?

The ways that we limit ourselves in our work, our family and our relationships are always the same. Some old habit pattern that we were taught or that we accepted that has disconnected us from the vibrant aliveness of who we truly are. What are habits and beliefs, anyway, other than things that we tell ourselves or that others have told us, that we have made into rules to live by?

Most of these rules were taught to us when we were children, before we develop the mental capacity to to discriminate between harm and benefit. In essence, we are born into a confusing world and raised by confused people who teach us their best confusions. We get conditioned out of the loving, vibrant children that we all begin as, and we get a set of rules and requirements by which we can earn the vibrant love and freedom that all people inherently deserve. That is where De-Hypnosis Therapy can help.

What is De-Hypnosis Therapy?

The definition of Hypnosis is simple - it’s the communication of ideas. In this approach, each of our own perspectives determines how we view the world. It is our beliefs, judgments and interpretations of the world that limit or expand our possibilities. De-Hypnosis Therapy uses all of the best tools of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, which seeks to find the old unconscious habit patterns, find where those habits and beliefs are limiting us, and update them with new understandings and learning that empower our growth.

Once those misunderstandings are resolved, new ideas and possibilities arise. Life begins to shift from limitations to possibilities.

De-Hypnosis Therapy has a dual approach using the best tools from Transpersonal Hypnotherapy for the unconscious mind and tools which help you to stop from unknowingly creating new limitations. So, we are addressing the problems from both sides. If you learn to recognize the process by which we create all of our limitations, you have the power to make better choices. If you begin removing limitations from the past, you create even more opportunities!

A cumulative upward spiral is the inevitable result. Life becomes a journey of learning, a shared experience and connection with everyone else, including your self! This gift of life, which we all share, will become more and more clear to you in your time with your friends, your family and your self. I invite you to take some time and journey with me. Let me show you the simple way that things can work and the power of
living your life in alignment with your true heart.

About Steven
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About Steven Fidler, Certified Hypnotherapist

Hello, and welcome! I am Steven Fidler, owner of LimitLess Mind Hypnotherapy. I am a certified hypnotherapist, with a unique approach to mind and body. I am also blind. My unexpected vision loss at the age of 23 led me through depression and anxiety, before embarking on the road to healing. Through my journey, I have developed deepened intuition and increased listening skills which allows me to better facilitate healing.

When tension and stress is cleared from the mind, the mind is free to rest and heal. By using hypnotherapy to free the mind, life becomes an upward spiral of health and vitality. I look forward to working with you, and assisting you in finding your better life!

I have been practicing hypnotherapy for all of my life unknowingly, but for the last 11 years, after I received training, I have been practicing it consciously. I got my life changing training from a system which has synthesized Buddhist wisdom teachings with hypnotherapy. I completed the equivalency of 1500 hours of training and my certification is recognized by the highest standard in the field, the National Guild of Hypnotists. I received my training at the Lucid Heart Institute in Seattle, WA from Jack Elias CHT.

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The cover of Steven Fidler's book The Two Paths: Finding the World Beyond Belief

The Two Paths
Finding Universal Truth in a Mad World

by Steven Fidler

My book lays out, in around 100 pages, the two paths that we are always engaging but don’t realize it. We are all sharing in a world that we don’t really understand, and so we are going off of mistaken ideas in our search for meaning, purpose and truth. The book simplifies all of this down to some quick, easy, objective tests to recognize which path we are on, which neurology we are building, and to recognize how to choose the path to the heart.

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My Book The Two Paths by Steven Fidler
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