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What is Hypnotherapy? What are the benefits?

The definition of hypnosis is unique to this particular school of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is simply the communication of ideas. By that definition, hypnotherapy, is to find the ideas and beliefs that limit you, to examine and update those limiting beliefs, releasing any stored negative emotions and whatever else is holding you back from a vibrant, enthusiastic, genuine life.

What will a session be like?

Each session begins with a short assessment, followed by hypnotic induction and therapy. Hypnosis can be done in any and every way from conversationally to the standard idea of relaxing on a couch, or reclining in a chair during the session. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, and you will need a headset with microphone for your session.

Sessions are usually an hour to an hour and a half. If you are experiencing an intense breakthrough or releasing some deeply held emotions, an hour can generally be easily expanded to an hour and a half session, if you agree to the additional time and charge. That is generally a rare occurrence.

First sessions usually consist of an hour and a half for mostly the informal intake, Q&A, and a short, introductory session. You might get the full hour in, depending on how long the intake and Q&A takes.

How is this work different from other hypnotherapy?

What makes this different? I think that I can best sum this up in this way: Hypnosis is a process that is natural. It’s how we create our personal beliefs. You can have any kind of hypnosis and it will work to some degree, because there is a process that we all use to create belief. The real difference is in the level of understanding, and the wisdom teachings from spiritual traditions. Buddhism isn’t a religious practice. It’s a scientific practice of spirituality. The focus on what actually works. Not dogma or memorization. Truth. What is different about this practice is that it will move people beyond belief into functional, practical, real time, truth.


That will be hard to understand or explain. Truth has to be experienced before it can be recognized. I can give you the best menu, from the finest restaurant, and it will read like poetry. It’s only after you have tasted it that you will know for sure. I could make statements like this will show you the exact workings of the mind and perfect psychology. All of that is true. With this approach, it is literally about showing you that you can understand, befriend, and reclaim your wholeness. That you can learn to do all of this for yourself, whereas every other hypnotherapy approach that I have seen is just about issue management. Want to quit smoking? Hypnosis for smoking removal. Want to lose weight? Weight loss hypnosis. None of these approaches address the fundamental driver that triggers the habit to resolve it in a healthy way. Other approaches just sort of remove the problem issue from the programs running in the background. It never actually gets resolved, it just isn’t running but can still manifest in other ways. For example: you get that quit smoking hypnotherapy, and you quit smoking. Since the issue that created the trigger to smoke wasn’t addressed, some people begin over eating.

My personal philosophy is that we just don’t know much of anything to be sure of. There is a mystery. Something behind it all that leads us to explore. Some soft whisper that there is so much more to a world overly defined. Something secret. Something sacred, that is waiting to be uncovered. A reality that cannot be fathomed but only experienced. The never ending, eternal moment that we call the present.


We don’t think about it, but perhaps since it is always only now, we are already living in eternity. Perhaps the rest, the past and the future, are just a distraction. A cycle of illusion created by a mind asleep to itself though habit and conditioning.


What if we were to wake up? What if we could choose in every moment being fully present? How would that change everything? If we could choose, we would no longer be limited by the past. If we were no longer limited by the past, we would no longer define the future. We would just learn to dance in this mystery, fully empowered to choose anything and everything that makes us totally alive. Totally limitless. That is the entire idea behind Limitless Mind.

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